Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Earth magnetic field weakening - Weather changes

Forget global warming, worry about the MAGNETOSPHERE: Earth's magnetic field is collapsing and it could affect the climate and wipe out power grids

What are El Niño and La Niña?

Countries affected by El Nino


Earth's Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster Now

                                   Solar flare :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas eve night

Holy night holyyyy night holy night. . .

Walking alone at night to home again.

Maybe its my destiny to be a loner. .

Without thought, without love, without attachment, without feeling, without. . .

To be a watcher. . .

To be a healer. . .

To be a. . .

Without life, a loner watches the earth! Thats very very stress hahaaaa

Gd nite holy night :-)

P/s sophia do not forget what you are!

      Be strong ;-)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

A sad night :-(

Last nite I walked to buddha tooth temple from oasis internet shop.


But this time i was unsad of myself for being naive. . . Have i forgotten who n what i am. . i dont belong to this society. . I am different from them. .
Sophia pls rem. . pls dont make fool of urself. . pls stay awake of ur reality :-(

So this mayb my last time to visit that shop late at night. . or my last time!

I am dead. . no life. . no social. . a living walking zombie :-(

I am not enlighten arahat, just a human.

I am lonely T_T

I cried inside my heart without tear last nite, and i pray for wisdom n strength
to walk the right path. . .

Sophia sophia moon rest ur heart. .

Rest in peace. Good nite 囧

P/s Today is also a bad day :-(

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

An infamous witch in singapore :(

But Such title was given by sg people without my consent. .  .

Sad :-(

I wanted to live normal peaceful life then rest in peace aka enlightenment.

But My life is being abused as no pirvacy no life no peace no true friendship no true heart.  Stalkers are eveywhere,  make a guess Of who are they? someone whom could track you through ur phone or smartphone.  .

Someone whom cld spy on u over internet.  .  . SSomeone whom cld interfence ur life friend family.  .


Heaven pls be my judgment :-)

Sophiademoon from singapore

A sad person :'(

Monday, 23 November 2015


Journey to the west : ?

30-45MINS walk to buddha tooth temple. . .

I am really getting old haiiiii

Met a holland client, he is too talkative taking alot of my time
deeply regretted sooo no more

After our meeting, i went to oasis internet cafe aagain to watch korean drama - what happen to this family. .  .
As usual the coming ending is too long n repeated. . . Korea drama is long witted.  .
But Its very creative n better than others
BUt only the ending parts.  .

SShop closed at 3pm Sooo i took a walk to buddha tooth temple.  .  .

A walking meditation n mind & matter

A long walk :-[  too old

A long journey to home :-)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Blue bike sold :-(

Finally i sold my beloved blue bike. . Its gotta go if not it wld turn rusty as not riding the bike often haiiiii i shld have saved up money to purchase the eletric one. .

As on my way hm from buying lunch,
That stupid india lady said hi with her red shirt friend = irritating stalkers sooo of course i hurried to lift ignoring them loll
She was mad standing staring at me loll

150 Dollars = my blue bike
To two friendly malay man

But i am sad :-(

Dear sophia sex is desire too much attachment so be wise to walk ur enlighten path :-P

I swear to the moon n the stars
Lolll suddenly i recalled him
Blown butterfly. . .
This was a dream love, unreal
Soooo let bygone be bygone
Memory is memory so it was!

Gd nite sophia sleep early to work
$$$$$$$$ = Desire too
Hahaaaa life :-X

I swear by the moon n the stars
I will be there. . .
Zzzzz. . .

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Sad as being cheated for buying wrong cream = two tudes/32 dollars haiiii :-(

That evil old woman told me this cream is the best stronger one n i believe her not trusting my instinct. Sad again. . .
I am going bk to that stupid pharmacy at people park centre, is an con shop, curse ye virus over there.

Haiii now late at night in the public washing machine shop staring at my clothes being spinning round n round. .
Another 30 mins to go. . .

One of the dryer machine is not working as the middle age man complain that its not warm at all by touching the glass. 5 dollars been cheated n his precious time
He was nagging again n again. .
Dear sir i have been sitting here for 90 mins :-) not nagging ard :-P

Finally i went back to the buddha tooth temple to pay respect. . .

Dear lord buddha

Bless me with wisdom strength compassion heart n forgiveness as
My heart is full of hatred n hatred. .
I want to learn to forgive my enemy. .
Cross fingers :-p
Yes i would try my best to. . .

Guess what? Stalkers are back again
They are sickering ppl. . .

Ok time is almost up :-)
See ya

Monday, 16 November 2015

Late at night. . .

I was standing outside of osis smoking in the middle of night. . . What the heck am  i doing here, not resting at hm:-(

A stalker with red shirt sat next to my sit while i was out to buy food. ..
what his intention? what their intention?
Spying on me again? Lust for gd fortune again. . but its too obvious. . Or simply wanted to chase me to hm so less burden for them to follow me ard. . Haiiii
Hell to ya all :-( One stone two birds.

But i am not going back hm, no way!
I shouted softly asshole bastard at him n left for another sit. . hahaa

When i am nice n calm. . they wld take advantage of me :-(

When i am nasty. . they wld disturb my life :-(

They are truly jerks!

A new curse i cast on them B-) Hellgate wld open to them. . Nasty ghost wld haunt them as their hearts are dark. .
Lost ghost shall haunt them as their souls are dirty. . Demon ghosts wld eat them as their fresh are smelly. .
They are cursed.

So must it be.

I pray thee. . .
I call thee. . .
I invoke thee. . .

Spirits of the underworld, hear me
By the power of mother of darkness
Maha kali ahma.

By the power of karma forces, i invoke thee. . .

So  must it be.

My soul is the forces of mother of darkness. . .

So i am.

Sophia, an infamous witch in singapore as such title is given by people who know me. . .

Its not my intention to be famous  :-(

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Got high by one glass of white wine

Dear dairy miss me :-P

I got high by just a glass of wine loll
And the greece client tried to take advantage of me . . He is nice guy but we gone too fast. . I shld have stay distance from him. . Do i like him nayyyy he is not my type but the truth i do not wish to have relationship as an old life gone, new chapter of life begins noooow B-)

So sorry mr greece our next meeting wld be :-! Hahaaaa he wld be suprised by my unpredictable me :-P

I am sophia, an infamous witch in singapore lolll

I was searching for my weight check !
If i gain weight back n healthy again. .
That means = meditation + vegetalian

A holy life :-) @!@


Paris attack again. Death 120 plusss

Two suspents from syria refugee???

Isis terrorist = crescent moon cult ???

Haiii warm heart became deadly blow!

Think twice europe :-X

I was wondering that where are those stalkers. . . playing hard to be found?

A curse for them. Hell to ya all.

I wish thunder wld strike them sooon.

Greece guy seem to like singapore as he said sg economic is stable unlike his country gone nuts. . .

B-) money face man n eeeeii i still have had drink wif him this evening :-X

Goshhh greece man :-P

Dear heaven

Life is enlightenment!

Gd nite :-)

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10/11/2015 = sickkkk :(

Well got some extra cash today, gonna buy good food but at this late hour no ideal where to eat :(

So here i am in the internet cafe/Oasis
again watching korean drama still thinking where to find good food loll. . .

Here picture of an interesting chinese guy whom work in oasis. A friendly guy but hes not gd looking n below average... ( guy with blue T-shirt)

Sometimes india client is more generous than white or chinese. . . Once in a blue moon Only!

But most of times. Jerks.

As no appt tomorrow so i stay up late at night, planing what to do on wednesday...

Nayyyy nope hoping for gd luck again if so why i never strike lottery YET:( for a while:(

Producer Korean Drama

Is he handsome?
He acted for You from another star.

A good actor :-)

Night is late yet cld not Zzz
Gd nite. Dream if dream!

Monday, 9 November 2015

still sick :-(

The haze from indonesia is back = PSL 112 haunting singapore again. .

Dear me why are u sick again not taking gd care if urself. . Have u forgotten ur will
miss sophia :-P

Yes. Sorry. I wld try my best not to. . .
for the sake of innocents :-X

Today met an aust client very friendly. .
Over friendly. . he is one of those bastards i think o_O haiii

If i could control thunder. . .
UFO wld be the first to be target
Second wld be those bastards
Thirdly wld be china ships in south china sea. . .
Fourth wld be russia army. .
Fifth wld be UFO AGAIN LOLL

I was so lost to locate the client place becoz of one stupid woman given wrong direction. Bitch i curse ya pimples all over ur face :-!

Never trust a friendly stranger wanted to help mayb he or she might b psycho . .
Well singapore is a tough country to survive = too much work aka too much stress. . .once a stupid china woman said
There are too many crazy singaporen ard

But she is one of them. Crazy china
Woman too much desire craving for $$$
Alot of china workers in singapore. @_@

Never never say thx to stranger :-P

Famous Merlion in singapore

A legend of a lion with tail appeared in singapore sea.

This is my country :-)

A beauitful country  :-)

Gd nite :-)
Dont forget to dream loll

Sunday, 8 November 2015

SICK :-(

I hate running nose than cough.

I gotta cancel my appt becoz of flu. .haiii  so stay at hm watching tv. .

Koren drama on weekend suckkkks
I hate weekend as no gd tv show loll

Yes i am a boring person no friend no activity no life. . becoz of those stalker
Watcher control freak jerk asshole olo

Hell to ye all @_@

If one day i vanish from here, guess who got me loll of coz. . those jerks stop me to review how evil they are. Indeed. They are worst ppl on earth. . .

No life no freedom no pirvacy in singapore. They abused human right!

They destoyed my life soooo i expose them to the world. Fair n square loll

Nayyy  karma spell i pray thee. .

I watched jurassic park over n over. .
How i wish some scientists wld bring them alive back in singapore. .may b we can isolate them in nearby island ;-)

Good attraction for singapore loll

Dream onnnnnnnnnn

I wish they are alive on earth :-!

olo for those bastards olo. . .hahaaa

Bad luck forever i curse ya

A song i singing now = life is not fair so what shalt i doooo. . someone in heaven pls tell me. . Be a destroyer or a loving-kindness healer. . So i gotta make a choice. . suddenly a vision appeared. .

Heaven tear. . .

Heaven knows

I raise my eyes to the sky. .

A tear dropped. .

I knee down to ask for mercy. .

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Today couldnt work as having running noise n coughing :-(

And its saturday i out working n watching my korean drama or intent to play game if i know how it works loll

I bought some oranges n pearls to improve my health well i shld take gd care of my health for the sake of innocents. .
No. I must loll. . .

I need space n a quiet place to rest my mind but i have noisy neighbours ard.
Sad :O

I need money to survive too. Hahaa

Then the rain came. . . ;-) twice or more today. . . Thank you. Heaven.

And no gd sport game today :-(

As my gifts are my cursed.

So my heart had been blinded by hatred because of them. . .

I was sooo lost at that time. .

A vision of future changed my heart. .
I shld open my heart with loving kindness towards the innocents

Heaven tears. . .

Heaven knows. . .

But i am just a crazy stupid dreamer. . . Someone being casted out from the society as i am diff. . .

Whatever so i would still try to help within my ability. . even there is no respect from ppl. . .

T_T T_T T_T Thats my life now!

Friday, 6 November 2015


I have many names. . . sometimes i was confused what is my real name?








Who am I? lolll

I am infamous witch in singapore.... many rumors abt me whom could control the weather.. wind

Many believe that i bring good luck.. good fortune to them if they encounter me and this rumor is spreading ard all over singapore even other countries...

Once i was almost invited to oversea...loll mayb

Yes. the rumors are true. I am a witch blessed or given XXX gifts by heaven.

I do not worship God or any but deeply respect "them"...

I do not worship nature but respect them...

Yet i am unhappy of my life as i have no freedom.. pirvacy... no life as someone is watching closely at me... days n nights.

A powerful person in singapore. Guess?

My gifts are my curse.

I have been followed by them everywhere, and because of them i lost all my friends.

I am lonely... sad... :(

These are my true stories...

To be continued.

Sophia de Moon

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Today no work as client texted too late. .
So i slept the whole day then went to internet cafe to watch producer korean drama yet was not too desire or excited, mayb i have read the storyline :-(

I am not feeling well caught cold again
Haiiii mayb no mood to work as no reply to client over the phone. As usual drank warm water mixed with honey. .
But still felt cold afterward on bus :-(

Today i did not bring my phones out so there were no stalker ard mayb. .
Or they knew that i was unhappy. .
And the wind direction changed
The haze PSL seems increasing. .
What gotta to do with me again :-(
And no rain today :-X

So the wind is turning ard. . .
Will the wind return. . .
Or will they change?

Hahaaaa fat hope its impossible. .

Sophia de Moon

I wish for jurassic park be real on earth
Loll monstersss :-P

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Guess what too much cold water again n having cold again loll

The haze = PSI 92 :-P

When i was sad, nobody care.
When i was sick, nobody care.
When i was starving, nobody care.

So should i care!

They are heartless ppl whom have forgotten ur contributions.
A test is given. Sadly, unforgiven.

Dear heaven

Be my judgment. . .

So blessed be.

I curse those greedy bastards hell to ya alllll.

All bosses indeed must go to hell.

No more slave for boss :O

Twinkle twinkle korean drama has gd storyline but tooo bad as its overcooked!
54 episodes are too long n getting boring. . . Well its expected. Korean drama!

Heaven tears koren drama is over-dramatic. . . BORED!

Today my aust client complained tat today weather is too hot. . .
Wellll and he given me that look :-[
What gotta to do with me now. .
I am not feeling well resting at home whole afternoon. . . Clients fault loll

Did the rain following me ard while i am working. . . as it did rain somehow
Did the old way change?

And the strange client bought me
A kagaru toy from aust
At least he got me a warm tea to help my cold but i sense that hes a petty nan

Those stalkers are back again. olo. Jerks

I have no right n freedom in singapore.

Dear spirits of the old, pls hear me out
. . .

An infamous witch in singapore.