Monday, 27 June 2016

Strange horn sound in dark sky 3

Strange horn sound is back for third nights

I am starting to wonder does it has anything
Thing to do with earth magnetic field as it's getting weaker. .

I heard the planes seeding cloud the whole day. . But it's raining season now. .strange

To protect us from the sun others. .

So the strange horn sound does not come from the moon but due to magnetic field?

El nino is just a covered up that keep us in the dark?

North magnetic field is moving towards Siberian or east. . .

Does it connect with magnetic field weakening? Strange horn sound?

End of the world?

Sophia Lotus

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Strange horn sound is back in late night

And the cloud start to move away after the horn sound came from dark sky. . .

@?@ moon

Ancient Sumerian worshipped the moon God SIN.

The picture shows moon God in the "cigar shape spaceship" above the crescent moon.

Does Sun worshipper connect with moon cult?

Sophia de Lotus

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Strange horn sound in the dark sky 2

Strange horn sound have been heard all over the world, so did my country.

That late night I was searching in the dark sky then I realized it was came from the "rainbow full moon". . .

I stared at the moon for a while and the horn sound came back again. . and it's definitely came from the moon. . .

Yes. It's the moon @!@

But why is the purpose for this?

The next day in the morning I heard the sound from the planes were seeding cloud again. . . Strangely past few days were raining day. . What happen to the cloud?

Does the strange horn sound has something to do with global warming/ changing?

Did the horn sound destroy the cloud?

Or magnetic field?

An evil agenda plotting from the moon's alien?

Legend said that mara demon had stopped the rain to bring drought on earth. . .

May be or not but am very sure the strange horn sound came from the moon. . .

The beginning of the end of world?

Religion wars = Christian vs Jewish vs muslim vs Catholic but they came from the same God. . .

Why killing each other for the same God?

In ancient Sumerian they worshipped the moon. . .

And the bible original stories came from ancient Sumerian?

Nibiru = Moon?

These are my theories only.

Sophia de Lotus

ISIS target on southeast Asia @!@

ISIS announces Asia pivot in propaganda video targeting Malaysia, Philippines

Islamic State terror group has called on its followers to focus their energy fighting in Southeast Asia besides battling in Iraq and Syria. In the latest propaganda video, the organization specifically calls on extremists to target Malaysia.

The latest video, titled ‘Toghut’ (sinners against the teachings of Allah), was released earlier this week and shows a Malaysian Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighter in Syria, along with two other IS combatants decapitating three captives. The Malaysian terrorist, identified as Mohd Rafi Udin from Negri Sembilan, threatens attacks against Malaysian police in the 20 minute video seen by Reuters.

The jihadist says in Malay that those fighters who cannot make it to Syria should travel to the Philippines and fight there. Udin calls on jihadists to unite under the leadership of Abu Abdullah, a Philippine extremist leader of Abu Sayyaf militant group, who swore allegiance to IS in January.

Abu Abdullah, also known as Isnilon Hapilon is on the FBI’s most wanted list with a bounty of $5 million on his head.

Well expected. . . Sooner or latest they would target my country Singapore. . .

Question is start at where first @?@

They are very sad and lost people

By the power of threefold karma

So must it be.

Sophia de Lotus.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Strange horn sound in the dark sky @?@

This is the strange horn sound that I heard last late nite in the dark sky. . . And I tried to locate the sound from. . the only conclusion is came from the direction of the " rainbow full moon ". . .

Yes. It's from the moon @?@

Moon is trying warn us??? Lollll

Moon is trying reshaping/ 're-adjusting itself???

Moon is trying to break up the surrounding rocks as mothership hahaaaaa

Moon is hungry and demanding for sacrifices??? Kekeeee

Or that's the original sound from the moon

@?@ Do not trust the moon people/aliens

Before that I have had bad dreams of terrifying earthquake. . And I heard
Something exploded very loudly. .

This is my first time having such dream but since future is impermanence. . There is not fixed destiny so less worry. . .

Otherwise if it's happen. . Is the will of our destiny to suffer and die in a nature disaster aka catatrophe. . .

So let it be.

By the power of threefold kamma.

Sophia de Lotus


Sunday, 5 June 2016

May I rest in peace _ ! _

I want to be like her

I want to rest peacefully

Forever. . Forever

Let go of myself

Let all be bygones

I envy her. May be not

I know a forbidden knowledge

To rest in eternally.

Sophia de Lotus _ * _